Angela Piva

Chief Audio Engineer, Lehman College Multi Media Center
Angela Piva, Music industry ace, highly skilled in all aspects of music/audio production, recording, mixing and mastering with over 25 years of professional audio engineering experience and accolades. Recognized by several Grammy award nominations from NARAS as well as RIAA multi-platinum sales, awards for many projects both current and in the past. Angela Piva brings her cutting edge knowledge to the facility and to the student body. On any given day you can find her flying the Audio Control Room, 5.1 suite or the digital board in the Television Control room, working her multimedia magic on the facilities sessions that run the gamut from dialogue replacement, acoustic & orchestral recording to mixing audio to picture.

Comments for Angela Piva

Name: Gary Sherman
Time: Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hi Angela, from your 6th grade teacher! I was cleaning a box of papers from my attic and I found a news release that your mom gave me, announcing your AMMEX GOLDEN REEL AWARD. I hope all is well with you.-Mr. S.

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