This Whole Funky World is a Ghetto

When I was eight years old I was impressed, in the physical meaning of the word that only music and lithography are capable of, by Harry Nilsson’s “Jump into the Fire,” which was a big hit in 1971. His layered shouts jumped out of the speakers and landed in my ears, and there they’ve stayed for forty years. I heard that song a lot on the radio in the mostly-white Pacific Northwest of the early 1970s. I heard “The Whole Funky World is a Ghetto,” by Bobby Patterson, for the first time last...

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Billy Collins Kicks Off National Poetry Month

poetsOn March 29 Distinguished Professor and renown poet Billy Collins read along with Lehman professors Salita Bryant, Jason Koo, and George Green. The Lovinger Theatre was  packed with over 350 people in the audience. Each poet read from published and upcoming work and showed a diverse range, touching on the witty, tender, edgy, and passionate. The full video of Billy Collins reading is below.

The Arts and Literature are alive and well here at Lehman. For a full listing of Arts and Humanities...

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Esmeralda Santiago, and the Importance of the Arts

On March 21 Lehman welcomed acclaimed author Esmeralda Santiago to Lehman as the keynote speaker for the annual Lehman Lecture. Nearly 400 people packed the Lovinger Theatre to hear Ms. Santiago speak, and she did not disappoint. The author of the acclaimed memoirs, When I Was Puerto Rican and Almost a Woman, and the new historical novel, Conquistadora, Ms. Santiago spoke about her life as an immigrant and as a writer, and inspired the entire audience.

It was a great day for Lehman to host...

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Lehman Studios Live - The Bacon Brothers

The Bacon Brothers Performance at Lehman Studios

The Multimedia Center is about to celebrate its second anniversary as a wonderful new resource for Lehman and CUNY students and faculty. The MMC (as we call it) is a state-of-the-art facility that supports teaching and learning for the next generation of journalists, audiovisual creators and digital media producers. This post shares one of many highlights of our program and activities over the last year. 

Sponsored by Lehman’s City and the Humanities Program, the Bacon Brothers came to the...

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