2012 Lehman College Graduate Photobooth

  Take a group of, one camera, and a little persuasion to have some fun and what do you get?  Over 300 photos of fun and celebration turned into a 3 1/2 minute slide show!

  At this year’s Lehman College Commencement we asked one of our College Assistants, along with a crew of four interns, to embark on a little adventure: get some graduates to really let loose for our camera! We set up a photo booth, and while the students were getting ready, robes and all, for Commencement, we encouraged them to take a few pictures and the results were fantastic!









  Students David Risole, Woodz Monestime and Elizabeth Molina working alongside College Assistant Angel Ramos generated such a buzz that a line quickly formed as graduates wanted to get in on the photo booth action before Commencement began. In post-production, Anthony Risole took on the video and photo editing and Keren Minto composed original music for the final edit. The result? A fantastic collaboration between interns, College Assistants, and of course our very own graduates.  Will their project win an Oscar? Perhaps not. But it did win in the areas of creativity and teamwork. And in our book that’s what it’s all about!  Click on the link above and enjoy.



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