Lehman Alum Returns to the Multimedia Center

The Lehman Multimedia Center was happy to welcome back a recent graduate, Jeffrey Edison.  For the last two years, Jeffrey has been successfully working as a camera operator for ESPN, in Bristol Connecticut.  Luckily for us, Jeffrey returned to meet with a small group of students and let them pick his brain. 

For over an hour, Jeffrey explained his role at ESPN - providing an overview of his responsibilities, proper etiquette, and the experience as a whole.  The students had plenty of questions.  Though I expected them to be interested in the celebrities Jeffrey has worked with, I was pleased that they were more interested in topics involving experience, gear and training.  

While there was a lot to take away from this wonderful conversation, the most important may have been that that the equipment at Lehman's  Multimedia Center is the same as  ESPN's!  I encourage students to  take advantage of their accessibility to our state of the art gear as a stepping stone to that first job!

Thank you Jeffrey, for giving back to the students who will follow you!


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