Lehman Studios Live - The Bacon Brothers

The Bacon Brothers Performance at Lehman Studios

The Multimedia Center is about to celebrate its second anniversary as a wonderful new resource for Lehman and CUNY students and faculty. The MMC (as we call it) is a state-of-the-art facility that supports teaching and learning for the next generation of journalists, audiovisual creators and digital media producers. This post shares one of many highlights of our program and activities over the last year. 

Sponsored by Lehman’s City and the Humanities Program, the Bacon Brothers came to the College, along with pianist Joe Mennonna, for a live performance and recording session at our studio. The objective of City and the Humanities program is to enhance the cultural life of the campus and community.

One hundred and fifty students and faculty from the School of Arts and Humanities were treated to some great music as well as a lively Q&A session with Michael and Kevin Bacon. Students also formed the crew and applied their talents to producing and filming the event.  It was great to hear Michael, a Distinguished Lecturer at Lehman, and his brother Kevin, connect with the students. They were able to give the audience a sense of what makes them tick creatively and musically and had a dialogue with students around ideas that could be applied to their own careers. 

Lehman Studios would like to thank the School of Arts and Humanities, the College Assistants and staff that supported this wonderful event. The student volunteers that worked on the crew helped make the event a great success.  Stay tuned for more posts about other activities at the Multimedia Center.

Please follow the links below to video and photos from the show.  Enjoy!  View Photo Gallery of Event

Comments for Lehman Studios Live - The Bacon Brothers

Name: Smeagol aka Gollum
Time: Friday, February 24, 2012

I loves me some Kevin Bacon. That accordian player has nothing on Kevin's percussion skillz!!! Everyone knows who is number one in my book but right there behind my precious is Kevin. Even I can be connected to the man in six steps.

Andy Serkis, my friends call me Gollum (LOTR)-->Ian McKellan (LOTR/XMEN)--> Halle Berry (XMEN/The Program) --> James Caan (The Program/Get Smart)--> Steve Carell (Get Smart/Crazy Stupid Love) --> Kevin Bacon (Crazy Stupid Love)

Peace, love and happiness

P.S. stop looking at my ring...IT'S ALL MINE!!!

Name: Productora Audiovisual Starporcasa
Time: Sunday, February 26, 2012

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