My name is David Charcape. I am an undergraduate Computer Graphics and Imaging senior student at Lehman, a Peer Educator for the Office of Campus Life, a member of the Technology Fee Committee,  a member of the Lehman DREAM Team (which I recently joined)... and a heavy Internet user.

I originally started studying at the City College in 2006. Not knowing what career would be more suitable for me, I began taking a wide range of introductory courses during my first semesters, until I chose to follow... Read More »
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Campus Life: The Move!

About three weeks ago, the renovation process of the Student Life Building began, and with it the Office of Campus Life, the Student Government Association (SGA), and most importantly the student clubs and organizations had to find a new place to operate. Now, the Office of Campus Life, SGA, and the Meridian are operating temporarily in the Old Gym Building. Clubs were advised that limited space prevented the assignment of club rooms before the renovation started. Therefore, all  student...

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A Club for Dreamers

Among the many students I have met at Lehman few are as strong and united as the members of the Lehman Dream Team which is one of the many clubs and student organizations at Campus Life. I had the pleasure to meet its president, Melissa Garcia Velez, and secretary, Shabel Castro, who through their noticeable hard work inspired me to join their cause.

Something I have learned quickly is the purpose of this organization. Although the Dream Team’s main purpose is to gather students for DREAM Act...

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The friendly faces of Lehman

In my previous college, I had gone through difficulties transferring to a new school which meant new beginnings. With lessons well learned and a clear set of goals, I made my first semester at Lehman the most enjoyable one in my entire college life.

It all began with a walk through Shuster Hall, finding out what services were available. I arrived at Career Services where I signed up for the workshops they offer, and was very pleased to meet Juan Vazquez, who led a fun career building workshop. ... Read More »
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