A Club for Dreamers

Among the many students I have met at Lehman few are as strong and united as the members of the Lehman Dream Team which is one of the many clubs and student organizations at Campus Life. I had the pleasure to meet its president, Melissa Garcia Velez, and secretary, Shabel Castro, who through their noticeable hard work inspired me to join their cause.

Something I have learned quickly is the purpose of this organization. Although the Dream Team’s main purpose is to gather students for DREAM Act (which will allow undocumented students to use Federal and State financial aid for college), it is also a place for students, undocumented or not, to find comfort and support. Although I am pretty new to this group and I am just starting to know them, I already can tell I will be making great friends.

If you want to learn about the DREAM Act  watch the video below. If you want to visit us we are at  the Student Life Building, Room 215   =)

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Name: Karen
Time: Thursday, February 23, 2012

Your words confirm that the club I helped create did make the difference.

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