Campus Life: The Move!

About three weeks ago, the renovation process of the Student Life Building began, and with it the Office of Campus Life, the Student Government Association (SGA), and most importantly the student clubs and organizations had to find a new place to operate. Now, the Office of Campus Life, SGA, and the Meridian are operating temporarily in the Old Gym Building. Clubs were advised that limited space prevented the assignment of club rooms before the renovation started. Therefore, all  student clubs and organizations were left without rooms, making good organization and leadership in those clubs essential to keep them alive.

It is the student clubs, their spontaneous  meetings and activities that gave the Student Life Building a recognizable culture.

I have realized how important  it is for students and their clubs to be close together and closer to the SGA and The Office of Campus Life. It is here that the networking between new students and student leaders was easier to achieve and where clubs found new members and support from each other. I believe having a single place with the most recognizable student leaders is the most important tool a college could have to develop leadership among their students.

Hopefully, the renovation process will be completed in six months and the Student Life Building will not only recover its great atmosphere but improve its functionality for the Office of Campus Life, SGA, The Meridian and, most importantly again, the student clubs and organizations.

Student gathering together

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