The friendly faces of Lehman

In my previous college, I had gone through difficulties transferring to a new school which meant new beginnings. With lessons well learned and a clear set of goals, I made my first semester at Lehman the most enjoyable one in my entire college life.

It all began with a walk through Shuster Hall, finding out what services were available. I arrived at Career Services where I signed up for the workshops they offer, and was very pleased to meet Juan Vazquez, who led a fun career building workshop. He wisely pointed me to a starting point in my career, the Community Engagement Office. There, I met Amanda Dubois and other fellow students who made volunteering fun!

Just when I thought my semester couldn't be better, it got amazing! I met Racquel Smith, who was recruiting students to work as Peer Educator and my current boss and friend Suzette Ramsundar at Campus Life. What made Lehman great for me is not only the services they offer, but the friendly staff who are running the programs. So, please do not be afraid to step into the offices around campus, you never know how your life can change with only one visit.

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