Class Bulletin Boards: Japan and Dr. Seuss!

It is the middle of the year, (February to be exact), and Social Studies continues to be a great hit with our students!  In the beginning of the year, we explored Africa and Nigeria.  Now, we will be learning about Asia and specifically looking at Japan.  If you look to the right of the picture, there is a chart that is explaining the rules in coloring the different cities in Japan.  Since this is a Bilingual 3rd grade class, it is important to have visuals and differentiate using colors.  They got to color in the map of Japan on their own as you can see at the top of the bulletin board. Now the writing that you see there is about the food, economy and culture that the Japanese have.  They have written drafts but these are their final drafts! We will continue our work with Japan and be able to compare Japan's culture to the students' own culture.


Dr. Seuss was born on March 2 in some year long ago.  He has written countless children's books and they seem to never get old.  Recently, they have turned those books into big time movies.  Dr. Seuss is an important part of children's lives because of all the lively details.  In our school we had Dr. Seuss month.  The students in my class had the choice of reading them in English or Spanish and they had to write a book report on that book.  I love the fact that they chose their own book since it gives them some freedom.  Here you see 6 book reports that the students wrote all on different stories, (don't mind the dolls on the side). :)

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