MATH-UP Open House you say...

That’s right! The MATH UP Program is having an open house on May 24th! This is a great opportunity for those interested in becoming elementary school teachers. This may be you first year teaching, you may be wondering what teachers need to do or you may have a career change and want to try teaching out.  All are welcome.  As you may recall, this is a Graduate program in Childhood Education grades 1-6 with a specialization in mathematics and/or with a certification extension in bilingual education (if qualified).

The program itself is a 42 credits and it will only take you a year and a half to complete. Trust me the time flies by! Especially since while you take your classes, you participate in a year clinical residency in 1 out of 5 elementary schools in the South Bronx. I am currently placed in PS 58 and have been there since September. The school year is almost over and I know I’m going to miss my kids! Apart from the classes and the school environment, you get paid. There is a stipend that is given to you during the year that you are completing your clinical residency which you do not need to pay back at all.  It is yours to use. 

MATH UP is also very generous in that they pay for all your textbooks and the teacher certification examinations that you need to pass. The support is incomparable because during your whole stay in MATH UP the same professors will always be with you every step of the way creating a close bond and confidence between administration and students.  So what’s your choice, a unique learning experience in MATH-UP or a regular master’s program?  Come on by Thursday May 24th from 4:00 Pm - 5:00 Pm in Carman Hall B-15 and hear more about this amazing learning/teaching experience! For more information and to RSVP click on the image above.

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