Teaching a bilingual vs. a monolingual class


       Since I started my internship in September, I have been working with a bilingual class. With the support of Math-Up, I have been allowed to start teaching a monolingual 2nd Grade class.  This class is totally different from my bilingual class. Each teacher has their own classroom rules and class sizes are very different. There are 21 students in this class. That is double of what I am used to. This is a great experience because come September, I will be in my own classroom and need to be prepared for 30 students.

      I am thrilled to start working with students that I haven’t worked with yet. This gives me a clean slate into diagnosing each child’s needs and really practicing what a teacher should be doing every day. Observation is key! I have been working with this class now for about a month.  I work 2 days a week with my bilingual class and 2 days a week with the monolingual class. I get the best of both worlds. Sometimes, I even catch myself teaching in Spanish to the monolingual class since I am so used to teaching the bilingual class. While my 3rd grade class is going through test prep material for the ELA, Math and NYSESLAT exams, the 2nd grade class is following their curriculum with creative lessons. It is more flexible in terms of using manipulatives and games to learn concepts. Not just drills.

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