Lehman Reporters Profile Fascinating Bronx Seniors

"We have done horrible things with aging. Our country has not helped people to understand what it really means to age positively." -- Dr. Laura Singer

Residents of Kittay House, an independent living center in the Bronx, set remarkable examples of how to live well, age gracefully and never stop learning.

As part of an exercise in writing profiles, Bronx Journal students recently visited Kittay on Webb Avenue, a short distance from Lehman. A dozen residents, aged 64 to 95, were waiting, with tales to tell. Many were pioneers in their fields -- advertising, psychotherapy -- while others fought in World War II and live by lessons learned from the Great Depression.  There were many CUNY graduates and world travelers. All still keep active. Maurice “Murray” Gittelman, 91, marched with Occupy Wall Street activists. Laura Singer, 95, a psychotherapist and marriage therapist, still sees patients. Age, she says, is not a limit, but a blessing. “People are still growing at our age.” Profiles produced by the students are posted on The Bronx Journal, "Bronx Seniors Share Secrets to a Good Life." 

Elaine Rivera with the class.

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