The Big Picture: NYC's Cultural Parade

Photo by Ishaw Thorpe(Photo by Ishaw Thorpe)

The Bronx Journal got a makeover in June, just in time to feature enhanced multimedia coverage of New York City's summertime parade of cultures. Lehman student reportage of these colorful events -- from the Puerto Rican parade in June to Brazil Day in September -- are vividly showcased in the new big picture format on the site. 

Dominican Day Parade 2012

Bronx Dominicans Celebrate Their Heritage
By Lennin Reyes

On an overcast Sunday afternoon in July, the Grand Concourse transformed into a sea of red, white and blue to celebrate the heritage of one of the Bronx's biggest and most influential communities. The 23rd annual Bronx Dominican Parade was held between East Burnside Avenue and East 167th Street. Thousands came to see notables of their native land, ranging from celebrities such as Celines Toribio and Michael Miguel Holguin to the "diablos cojuelos" (limping devils) of the Dominican Carnival.

Puerto Rican Day Parade 2012

2012 Puerto Rican Day Parade
By Christopher Guadalupe

Puerto Rican flags were a flutter along Fifth Avenue on June 10th during the 55th annual parade.  In attendance were Puerto Rican artists, celebrities and sports stars, along with prominent New York politicians. The parade, which ran along Fifth Avenue between 44th and 79th, drew thousands. The theme for this year's event was "Puerto Ricans in Higher Education." 


By Ishaw Thorpe
Located on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, the West Indian parade inspired people from Manhattan, Queens and even the Bronx to come and represent their origins in the Caribbean. Spectacular costumes and floats mingled with flags from many islands in the region, such as Haiti, Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 


Bronx Central Americans Celebrate Their Independence

By Lennin Reyes

Hondurans, Salvadorians, Guatemalans, Costa Ricans, Belizeans, Nicaraguans, and Panamanians, joined in celebrating the 16th annual Bronx Central American parade and festival, which ran from Southern Boulevard and East Tremont Avenue to Boston Road and Charlotte Street. The parade marked the 191st anniversary of the independence of many of these nations in 1821.

Brazil Day 2012

Brazil Day 2012 
By Trent Love

A sea of yellow and green washed over Midtown on September 2nd, Brazil Day 2012. Singers and dancers hyped up the stage with Brazilian funk, while onlookers wildly cheered. A bountiful selection of spices and roasted meats allowed festivalgoers to savor Brazilian flavors. On display were carnival figures and plenty of promotion for the upcoming Rio World Cup in 2014.


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