The Institute for School College Collaboratives is involved with a number of programs (including College Now) at Lehman College to help high school students prepare for the next stage of their academic lives. One such program is the TRIO Program, and my colleague Ms. Traci Palmieri informed me of some incredible work her students were involved with for National Trio Day. I will let Traci take over from here....

"I just wanted to take this time to share with all of you some information about...

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Welcome to the College Now Blog

"So Mr. Gantz what is this College Now?" The short version, CN gives high school students the opportunity to take college credit courses for free at Lehman College.

Learning can be fun! This blog will speak the background stories of our program, our students and our special projects going on at the Lehman Center for School College Collaboratives. I hope that we can create a dialogue on this site ¬†concerning the issues that affect our young people as they attempt... Read More »
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