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"So Mr. Gantz what is this College Now?" The short version, CN gives high school students the opportunity to take college credit courses for free at Lehman College.  www.lehman.edu/college-now.

Learning can be fun! This blog will speak the background stories of our program, our students and our special projects going on at the Lehman Center for School College Collaboratives. I hope that we can create a dialogue on this site  concerning the issues that affect our young people as they attempt to make the transition from high school to college success.

Proudly, we have over 600 students registered in College Now in the spring semester 2012. As I visit classes this week, I can see the excitement on the faces as the students are beginning a new phase in their lives. But what strikes me about these young people is the perseverance that they exhibit to complete these courses. They are in school from 8am - 3pm and then travel to the campus from their high schools to complete a college course in English composition or philosophy or precalculus. Yeah, I know they are here for the free credits, but it is this young person discovering him/herself as college student that keeps him/her engaged and wanting more.

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