School Counselors as Allies to LBGTIQ youth and families

As a school counselor educator, I've focused on two lines of scholarship--transforming the school counseling profession with school counseling program interventions to help close achievement and opportunity gaps and supporting the needs of LBGTQIA students and families. One of the great things about being a faculty member is having the time to pursue not only research and scholarship but to work with our graduate students and professional colleagues in school counseling to create the next...

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Student Support Services

This is a busy week  on Lehman College Campus!  On Friday, February 24th, I am giving a short talk to the Lehman Peer Educators about Strategies for Academic Success and on Sunday, I am giving a talk at  the Campus Life, Leadership Retreat on developing your unique voice as a leader.  

In preparation, I have been reading about the factors that help students succeed academically, which include a combination of personal characteristics, previous and present abilities, and family and social...

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