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Norma I. Cofresi, PhD

My name is Norma I. Cofresi, PhD. I am the Director of the Counseling Center at Lehman College. I am interested in learning more about the experiences of Lehman College students, especially incoming freshmen, transfer students, and all students seeking suuport.  As Clinical Psychologist, along with the Counseling's Center's welcoming staff,  I work to help Lehman students overcome internal and external barriers, stay in school, and succeed acadmically!  

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Student Support Services

This is a busy week  on Lehman College Campus!  On Friday, February 24th, I am giving a short talk to the Lehman Peer Educators about Strategies for Academic Success and on Sunday, I am giving a talk at  the Campus Life, Leadership Retreat on developing your unique voice as a leader.  

In preparation, I have been reading about the factors that help students succeed academically, which include a combination of personal characteristics, previous and present abilities, and family and social...

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