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This is a busy week  on Lehman College Campus!  On Friday, February 24th, I am giving a short talk to the Lehman Peer Educators about Strategies for Academic Success and on Sunday, I am giving a talk at  the Campus Life, Leadership Retreat on developing your unique voice as a leader.  

In preparation, I have been reading about the factors that help students succeed academically, which include a combination of personal characteristics, previous and present abilities, and family and social variables. Many students come to Lehman with the dream of a better life, but may lack the tools needed to make that dream a reality. You may be one of those students! Doing the same old thing and thinking the same old thoughts may not move you further toward your dream. This is where Student Support Services come in! You don't have to figure it all out on your own. The more you reach out, the more you are likely to find the right answer. The Counseling Center may be a good place to start.  We offer free, confidential services for all registered Lehman students.  But, we don't work alone.  In connection with Disability Services, Career Services, the Health Center, Campus Life, the Learning Center, and all the Student Leadership Programs you can get the help to make your dream a reality. It's not easy knocking on doors, but I assure, "Knock, and you shall receive!"  Behind every great success story is a chorus of helpers and cheerleaders who are invested in your success. The Counseling Center is at 114 Old Gym Building. Make this the first stop on your "walk to success!"

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