A Message From the Director of Alumni Relations

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My name is Cristina Necula and I am the Director of Alumni Relations at Lehman College. Previously, I served as the Director of Alumni Affairs at Purchase College, State University of New York, where I earned my B.A. in Language & Culture, with a Music minor. I am also a writer, and avid opera fan and occasional singer, and I speak French, German, Italian, Romanian and Spanish.

Since my first day at Lehman College in August 2010, I have greatly enjoyed working here within the wonderful, inspiring, supportive and diverse Lehman community as well as with the Lehman College Alumni Association Board of Directors in reconnecting alumni to each other and to their alma mater. Please visit us on the Lehman College Alumni pages at: www.lehman.edu/alumni

I hope you will take this opportunity to participate in the Lehman College Blog initiative. Help us create a growing collection of alumni stories and testimonials that will undoubtedly inspire future generations of students to embark on the extraordinary journey of becoming the next Lehman College alumni.

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