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"Lehman has taught me the true meaning of social work: to make a difference in one's life." (Social Work '10)

"The greatest experience in my life." (Computer Science '99)

"Brilliant faculty, affordable tuition and a beautiful campus, as it remains today." (Literature '96)

“Some of the best years of my life were while I was a student here." (Political Science '86)

"I received a stellar education in Nursing, which helped me have a very successful career." (Nursing '74) 

       The above testimonials are just a few of the many I received at the end of 2010 when, as the new Director of Alumni Relations, I embarked on the exciting journey of getting to know the 62,000+ Lehman alumni through a general survey. I was deeply impressed with the flow of appreciation and gratitude for the Lehman College experience pouring out of the survey's "Comments" section. 

        Welcome to the Lehman College Alumni Blog. This is an invitation to you, our alumni, to share your experiences and special memories of Lehman, as our community gathers together to tell the Lehman College story. Let your alumni voices weave through the fabric of this story with your unique, enriching, and diverse perspectives. I look forward to reading your posts.

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