Amy Larimer

Amy Larimer
Amy Larimer

I am the Director of the Dance Program and have been teaching at Lehman, in one form or another, since 2003.  When I am not at Lehman, I can be found working with my company,  The Raving Jaynes, or choreographing short, theatrical solos.  I am currently exploring the ways that improv (comedy improvisation) and dance improvisation can be woven together to create works of improvised dance theater.  I am interested in improvisation because I love the adventure of creating something in front of an audience without knowing what comes next.  Improvisation has been a big part of creating the Dance Program at Lehman. 

I'll be writing about what's happening with dance at Lehman and events to take advantage of in New York City.  

I love working at Lehman and am excited about what comes next!

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