What's Up in Dance

Brittany WilsonThere has been a lot of activity in the Dance Program recently!

The program has quadrupled in size since the 12-credit Dance Minor was approved in 2007.  In 2008, we added a 51-credit Dance/Theatre B.F.A. and just last year a 42-credit Dance B.A. 

All our faculty are working professionals as well as experienced teachers with expertise in a variety of areas, including: modern, ballet, Afro-Caribbean, tango, tap, improvisation, choreography, yoga, dance history and Laban Movement Analysis. 

Our students choreograph and perform regularly in dance productions as well as in theatre productions.  There is a great deal of crossover between dance and theatre. Many of the dance students will be performing in the spring musical "Urinetown" and we have a  number of theatre majors performing in the spring dance concert. 

The spring concert, by the way, will be March 28th to the 31st.  More on that to come!

(Photo by Quinn Batson)

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