A Great Time to Be an Academic Advisor

February and March are great months to be an Academic Advisor at Lehman. Especially since December and January were extremely hectic, filled with:

  • incoming transfer students trying to create a workable schedule after most of our continuing students have already registered
  • continuing students who are doing a last minute check to make sure that they registered for the right courses
  • continuing students trying to create a new schedule because they missed a validation deadline and had all of their courses dropped

In February and March, far fewer students come to see me—and in some ways, that's great. The lull gives me time to catch my breath and work on other projects that benefit students. And yet, while I frankly admit that I'm grateful for the break, I wish that I could distribute my workload a little more evenly.  Even during peak registration periods, I want to give each student all the time he or she needs, especially when that student needs time for a real discussion about some opportunity/problem/challenge. On the other hand, during peak registration periods, there's usually many students who also need my time and rightfully shouldn't have to wait to see me or one of the other Advisors. But for at least a couple of months, I can spend guilt-free time with students as needed.

Yep, this is a great time to be an Academic Advisor at Lehman.

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Name: Geneva Curtis
Time: Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How can I get advisor for the remainder of ,y time at Lehman

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