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Denise Sands BaezAs a second-generation Lehmanite (through my mom, Dean's List, Class of 1975), I had some advance notion of what kinds of experiences I'd be having when I first stepped on campus as a freshman in September 1974.  (Yep, you read those dates right—my freshman year and my mom's senior year overlapped.)  Over the following years, my relationship with the campus was intermittent as I tried to balance family and work responsibilities with my studies.  I finally came back full-time in 1992, earning a B.A. in English in 1995 and an M.S.Ed. in English Education in 2006.  I've experienced Lehman as student, faculty, and staff, working as (among other things) a tutor for the SEEK Program, a CUNYCAP for Recruitment and Admissions, an Adjunct Lecturer in the English Department, and my current gig in the Academic Information and Advisement Center as an Academic Advisor and participant in various technology initiatives on campus.  My hobbies include writing and theatre, but the most important investment of my off-campus hours is the time I spend with my 4+ precious grandchildren.

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