I am a Journalism Graduate

Denisse Then in StudioI am a Multilingual Journalism graduate from Lehman College with a double minor: Business Management and Mass Communications. During my undergraduate years at Lehman, I must confess that I wasn’t the most involved student with programs and clubs thus I always kept myself busy with internships. I interned in several news stations like ABC, Univision and NY1. These internships helped me polish and improve my journalism skills. I met a lot of public figures such as reporters, anchors and politicians. I was able to go out in the field and report my own stories. The experiences were amazing and the skills I acquired very useful.

A particular interesting story that I helped a reporter cover was the story of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. Mayor Bloomberg testified in court against former campaign operative, John Haggerty. He was accused of bilking the mayor out of more than $1 million during his campaign in 2009. This is just one of many stories that I covered during my internships.

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