Institutional Effectiveness Assessment Annual Report

Last November, I provided the first of what will be annual reports documenting institutional effectiveness assessment at Lehman College. With the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) placing growing emphasis on Standard 7 (institutional assessment), it makes sense to document institutional assessment activities in a single document. The 2012-13 annual report will again be available in November.

The report noted that assessment is not an end in itself. Rather, it is a foundation for building and sustaining excellence. In the demanding environment in which higher education finds itself, the need for continual innovation and improvement is particularly important. Not surprisingly, MSCHE’s focus has evolved to a greater emphasis on activities that promote “continuous improvement,” including but not limited to institutional assessment.

Last year’s report contained a description of institutional assessment at Lehman College. It discussed the Performance Management Process (PMP), the College’s strategic plan as it relates to assessment, the MSCHE planning-assessment cycle, and administrative unit assessment. The report provided a snapshot of assessment reports and activities across the College’s administrative units. It also provided tables providing PMP outcomes, including outcomes related to the strategic plan. It contained charts from indicators of institutional effectiveness, many of which compared Lehman College to the CUNY Senior College averages for the related indicators. Below is one of the charts from that report.

This year’s report will create a separate set of charts labeled “Student Performance Dashboard.” These charts will contain data for the last three academic years. The figures will be three-year moving averages to mitigate year-to-year fluctuations that may not be representative of trends. The figures will show Lehman College’s data and the difference between Lehman College’s figures and the CUNY senior college average. The boxes will be color coded to highlight possible emergent trends. Green will illustrate two or more consecutive years of improvement. Red will denote two or more consecutive years of worsening performance. All other boxes will be colored orange. Below is a chart from the forthcoming report.

The appendices of last year’s report contained all of the administrative units’ mission statements, two model assessment reports, and the user guide for the TaskStream Accountability Management System. The appendices to this year’s report will again contain the administrative unit mission statements. They will also contain a special section with background information on the Periodic Review Report, including Periodic Review Report outcomes related to each MSCHE Standard for the 2008-12 period, as Lehman College will be submitting its Periodic Review Report to MSCHE on June 1, 2014.




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