I am Don Sutherland, Lehman College’s Coordinator for Institutional Effectiveness and an adjunct faculty member in the Business & Economics Department.

My blog has three goals:

  1. To discuss assessment, primarily as it relates to institutional effectiveness.  The blog will provide one avenue by which Lehman College can pursue its strategic objective of fostering “a culture of continuous assessment focused on institutional effectiveness.”
  2. To share insights from my classes. Topics will include what works, what does not, and measuring student learning.
  3. To introduce topics in the news or journal articles that are relevant to content that has been taught in my classes (ranging from strategic management to microeconomics) to broaden the student perspective.

The first two goals are largely concerned with administrators and faculty. The third is focused mainly on students, whom all of us at Lehman College serve directly or indirectly.

With Lehman College scheduled to provide a Progress Report to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (the College’s Accreditor) in April 2013, another semester well underway, and the profound economic and geopolitical changes shaping the environment in which the College operates and its students reside, the year ahead looks to be an exciting one.

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