Lehman College to Submit Progress Report to Middle States in April 2013

Lehman College will be submitting a Progress Report to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (the College’s Accreditor) on April 1, 2013. The Progress Report will document that the College has maintained the “organized and sustained assessment process to evaluate and improve student learning and institutional effectiveness” that it had documented in its Monitoring Report of April 1, 2011.

Assessment is vital to a college’s ability to maintain its accreditation status. Every unit has a vested stake in that outcome. Among other things, accreditation makes a college eligible for federal student financial aid, federal grants, and other federal funds. Many employers require that their employees hold degrees from accredited institutions. State governments require students sitting for licensure exams to have attended an accredited institution.

In my forthcoming annual report on institutional effectiveness assessment for 2011-12, I will document continued strong participation among the College’s administrative units. Those units have made a strong contribution toward the College’s wellbeing that extends beyond the core services they provide to students, faculty, and administrators. Their efforts have increased prospects of a successful Progress Report and enhanced Lehman College’s ability to serve the Bronx and surrounding region as “an intellectual, economic, and cultural center.”

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