Standard 7 Most Cited by MSCHE in 2013 Self Study Outcomes

Since 2010, Standard 7 (Institutional Assessment) has been closing the gap with Standard 14 (Assessment of Student Learning) for the Standard most frequently cited for Middle States in its request for follow-up reports in 3-year moving averages. On a yearly basis, Standard 7 surpassed Standard 14 for the first time based on the information released following the June 27 meeting of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). With an additional institution’s results yet to be released and a small handful of self-study reports to be reviewed at the Commission’s November meeting, that outcome may yet change. What is not likely to change is the Commission’s growing emphasis on Standard 7 as reflected in the 3-year moving averages.

The following are snapshots of outcomes based on the MSCHE’s review of self-study reports. These trends also have relevance to all other reports, including the Periodic Review Report that Lehman College will be submitting on June 1, 2014.

Finally, MSCHE accepted Lehman College’s Progress Report. Lehman College had previously submitted a Monitoring Report related to Standards 7 and 14 following its 2009 self-study. That report was accepted with a request for a Progress Report “documenting evidence that assessment results are used to improve teaching and learning” (Standard 14). 


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