A Bio of a Non Traditional Student

My name is Dorothy Williams-Wallen, I am a non-traditional student at Lehman College. I choose to study economics because I have a passion for public service and community economic development. My academic course load and volunteer activities at Lehman College have introduced me to the basics of politics and ethical leadership.

I would like to transfer this knowledge and my leadership skills into public service. I am currently in my junior year at Lehman and consider myself a "seasoned student" who has overcome tremendous hurdles, and who has persevered and is successful.  I am honored to share my experience and my story during my stay at Lehman College. 
I am a member of the Executive Board and a Student Senator in the Lehman Student Government Association (SGA). I have also completed Tracks 1 and 2 of the Herbert. H. Lehman Student Leadership Development Program which has helped me to build my leadership skills.  I serve as a Student Legislative Ambassador (SIA) in the Ernesto Malave Leadership Program, where I have an opportunity to lobby for CUNY's financial budget in Albany. As a Lehman Leader, I "model the way" of good leadership and work with others to effectuate change here on campus and in my community.

Michell Obama recently said,"...each of us - no matter what our age or background or walk of life ... has to contribute to the life of this nation."  This statement aptly captures why I am desirous of being a Lehman Blogger. Therefore, I am honored to contribute to the legacy that was left to us by the distinguished Herbert H. Lehman.

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