Incident on Friday Resolution on Monday!

Imagine how surprised I was when I pulled up to the gate and swiped my card and could not gain entrance into the parking lot when my parking permit clearly states "expired May 2012".  Apparently, students were not allowed to park on days when we did not have classes. This was due to an unanticipated change to the rules. I called public safety and the officer informed me of new rules in place  that prevented students from parking on days they did not have classes. I decided to speak to the administrators of the college. 

I always believe in following the "chain of command." I spoke to the Director of Campus Life, Mr. Sullivan, and the President of Student Government, Olu Onemola, who immediately addressed the problem. I must say that Lehman is definitely improving! Last Friday I pulled up at the gate and had absolutely no problem entering the parking lot. I must thank and applaud Mr. Sullivan, Olu, and Mr. Zucchetto for taking the necessary actions to resolve a sticky situation!

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