I thought I was a Loser

I thought I was a loser.

I dropped out of high school in my senior year in 1982 and worked construction for years in Alphabet City renovating apartments for people who lived in a world I only dreamed about.

In 1988 I moved back in with parents in the Bronx at the age of twenty five to try to make something of myself. I made it through undergrad in about three years because of the support and help and excellence of the people who work at Lehman.

The people in financial aid made sure I had the...

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I'm going to miss this place...

In 2006, I was graduating from another college with my associate's degree. With no real plan other than the idea of wanting to study journalism at Lehman College, I honestly couldn't wait to begin my journey. Many people would think I am saying this to boost egos--but I've had some of the best professors, my most favorite being Professor O'Hanlon. I took about three or four courses with him, and learned so much that I try to incorporate into whichever field of journalism I pursue. Each time a...

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Not Just A Former Athlete

So I certainly can't take credit for finding out about this story through good old fashioned journalistic know-how and fact gathering, but it's one that I felt deserves sharing nonetheless (hat tip to Lehman head track coach Lesleigh Hogg for sharing).

The term student-athlete is often thrown around by institutions of higher learning as a nice marketing term to insist that those who dedicate so much of their time and effort on the playing field are also dedicated students.  It might be a...

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Lehman College: Opportunity Abounds Here

Three years ago, I was a veteran and single mother of three working a thankless job with no upward mobility. Through the veterans coordinator in my office, I received information about the Post 9/11 Montgomery Gl Bill.  After reading all of the details, I decided to go back to school...full time. I was fearful about resigning from my position, however completing my undergraduate degree was so much more important. A family friend told me about Lehman College and it was surprisingly close to...

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Academic Advising

While I carry many different responsibilities as an Academic Advisor: technology projects, teaching in-service coursework, writing, committee work, etc., my favorite part of my job is the part described by my title. I enjoy advising students.

Much of my time spent with students is focused on helping them to choose courses that fulfill their graduation requirements.  Sounds simple? Yes, but only sometimes. Sometimes a student will need to talk through various alternatives—for example, choices...

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