Writers Beware: The Collateral Damage of Linsanity

Now that Jeremy Lin has come down to earth, and the Knicks have shown themselves to be nothing more than playoff hopefuls this year, there remain two  lessons to be learned by student and professional writers alike.

With the rise of Jeremy Lin, who could ignore the pun frenzy in the media: "Linsanity"; "The Lin Dynasty"; "Lin-Diesel"; a virtual smorgasbord of puns! A headline writer's dream.

Until it became careless, unprofessional, and irresponsible. An ESPN writer was terminated for writing...

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Academic Advising

While I carry many different responsibilities as an Academic Advisor: technology projects, teaching in-service coursework, writing, committee work, etc., my favorite part of my job is the part described by my title. I enjoy advising students.

Much of my time spent with students is focused on helping them to choose courses that fulfill their graduation requirements.  Sounds simple? Yes, but only sometimes. Sometimes a student will need to talk through various alternatives—for example, choices...

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