Jean Geiger

I am an Assistant Registrar who manages the course schedule and assigns classroom space.  My association with CUNY goes back to high school and includes a Bachelor's degree from Hunter and a Master's from Queens.

When I am not at my desk in Shuster Hall, I enjoy walking on the Lehman campus, teaching a class on mystery fiction at Bronxville Adult School, and jewelry-making.  I am also a freelance editor, working with authors who self-publish their e-books.

I am so looking forward to the completion of the New Science Building and can't wait to see the wetland that will be created in the building's courtyard!  My interests also include the art of plant illustration and as part of the  2012 Bead Journal Project, I am working on a series of pieces on plants and trees.  Some of my inspiration comes from the natural beauty of the Lehman campus and I have a particular fondnesss for the Lehman corn field!

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