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Lehman College has always been dedicated to service, and we are a destination for the leaders of tomorrow. Our historic campus has provided the gateway to a better life for more than 62,000 alumni.

Your experiences at Lehman helped shape you and your story can inspire others. We invite you to share what Lehman College means to you, and what makes it special. Give your experience here extra meaning by sharing your story with others in the Lehman community.

Here are some questions to get you started:
  • What makes Lehman a special place?
  • What at Lehman inspires you? A faculty member? A class? An extracurricular activity?  A concert or arts event?
  • How did your experience at Lehman help you achieve your goals?
  • What did you discover about yourself while you were here?
  • Alumni: What’s your favorite memory?
Thank you, and we look forward to reading your story. Don't forget to tell your friends so they can "like" your story on our blog.

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