A wonderful Professor

My name is Karen Steinberg-Roback of the class of 1976. I recently read in your Lehman Today brochure that Professor George Movesian had passed away. I was saddened by the news because he was a very special teacher. I had him for an education reading class and I have told my children a story about him that was very memorable to me.

The first day of class he wrote his last name on the blackboard and went around the room asking us to say his name. None of us got it right and he was trying to prove the point that children who are learning to read have lots of difficulty. I never forgot this unusual way of teaching. He was also special because he cared so much about his students. We had to do field work for his class where we worked with a small group of students. One of our classmates had a difficult time with the kids and was crying. He comforted her by telling her that sometimes you could have a bad day, but not to worry. I will always remember him.

First Name: Karen
Last Name: Roback
State: New York

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