Cheated But Not Robbed

I am in an auditorium of Fordham University, sitting in one of the front rows. I sit in my silky white gown, feeling anxious of what I have to do- give a valedictorian speech in front of the audience filled with school faculty members, proud parents, family members, and friends. But though I was nervous, I felt honored to be given the title of the top student in my high school senior class  And if that was not enough, I was accepted into three of my desired colleges, Maryland Institute of Art, Lyme Academy College of Art, and Parsons. Three different universities that would help me continue to develop myself as an artist and build an artistic career. But it would later sink in that despite my acceptances, I had one major setback from attending - not being able to afford tuition at these schools.

I felt cheated. I had worked very hard during high school to become a top student and yet I was not receiving enough in scholarships because of it.

After that, I became a student at Lehman College. It was there that my hard work in high school paid off. I was admitted into The Lehman Scholars Program, which greatly helped in paying tuition.

During my first semester, I had an art history class, which inspired me to challenge myself more when making art. Outside of classes, I continued to draw and paint to become better. After viewing in class the amazing detailed works of artists from centuries before, I decided that like them, I wanted to be known to make works of amazing quality. My art history professor’s deep admiration for these artists also pushed me as an artist.

I have come to realize at Lehman that you do not need to attend a big name private school to acquire the skills and training you want. You just need to go to a school with caring teachers who know their fields of study well and have confidence in what you do.  You will not be robbed of a good opportunity to be educated in your desired field.

First Name: Abiel
Last Name: Wilson

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