Closer to My Dreams

Working as a College Assistant at the Leonard Lief Library has given me the opportunity to gain valuable experience.  Also, working with the Library Technical Coordinator for three years has been remarkable. In education, we are using technology to make studies easier and I am able to see how the advances in technology help students in their learning. By helping students with their use of computers, projectors, laptops, PowerPoint presentations, the web, Smart Boards, word processing, printers, and e-books, I have had a chance to build my career.  I now have deep knowledge about computers, software and other common tools. As a student of Computer Information Systems (CIS) at Lehman, I am acquiring practical knowledge through my job. Working, saving money for tuition, taking classes full-time, maintaining a good GPA, and balancing both the job and my studies - these tasks have made me more responsible and connect me with the real world. All these practical directions are helping me to take a step ahead and fulfill my dreams.

Topic: Student Services
First Name: R.
Last Name: Mitul
State: NY

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