Happy Holidays!

Working as a College Assistant at the Leonard Lief Library (as a Circulation Clerk), I often meet people from all walks of life. Whether they are there to do homework, study for finals or just hide from the harsh weather, you get your share of colorful characters. There is no such thing as a job free of stress and humdrum, but there is nothing else I’d rather be doing at the moment. This time, I found myself helping an older student with a flash drive issue. One quick glance and I knew exactly what to do. As simple as the problem and solution were, what surprised me was her reaction. I've dealt with people in the past who wanted help for the quick way out or because no one else could solve the issue; but this student was so thankful for such a small thing that I couldn't help but feel the spirit of the holidays. Most people will thank me just out of common courtesy or just because it's proper etiquette in a College setting, but this student was so sincere in her thanks. Such a small gesture of appreciation brought a smile to my face and brightened my day.  Lesson learned: appreciate the little things.

Topic: Student Services
First Name: J
Last Name: Vasquez
State: New York

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Name: Anonymous
Time: Sunday, December 2, 2012

As a Student who comes to the Library every day I see how crazy and hectic it gets. Students always want the easy way out and get very nasty if they don’t get it. The staff if very patient because I speak out of experience when I say that at times especially during Midterm and Finals week I get stressed myself and sometimes a little loud especially when I use the Laptops and the Wireless is slow or I have issues with the Printers. When this happens I do apologize though because I realize that it is not their fault and appreciate that they were as calm and understanding as they are. This is a nice story and I hope there are more Students like the nice lady because most Lehman students are just ungrateful.

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