I'm going to miss this place...

In 2006, I was graduating from another college with my associate's degree. With no real plan other than the idea of wanting to study journalism at Lehman College, I honestly couldn't wait to begin my journey. Many people would think I am saying this to boost egos--but I've had some of the best professors, my most favorite being Professor O'Hanlon. I took about three or four courses with him, and learned so much that I try to incorporate into whichever field of journalism I pursue. Each time a semester ended, I would always feel a bit sad, but would look forward to whatever may come that next term. As I'm nearing the end of my learning experience here at Lehman, I often look back at the things I learned, not just in the classroom, but also from fellow students. In the beginning, I was timid about meeting new people, but everyone at Lehman is great. I'm glad I chose to study here. I'm really going to miss this place.

First Name: Toccara
Last Name: Heath

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