Lehman Changed My Life

When I applied to Lehman in 1970, I was desperate. My husband had left me and our three small children. I only knew I would not go on welfare. I joined the Woman's Movement and decided I should go to college. At first, Lehman refused my admission, kindly telling me that I could try a community college. I took that refusal letter, turned it over, and wrote in red ink, "I have to support myself and three small children and I don't think I can do that without a college education. I'm skinny and will not take up much room!" I mailed it back to Admissions and was accepted. I loved the Social Work classes (which were few in those days) but the teacher, Leonia, believed in me and let me have an internship at Bronx State Hospital. It was the first internship from the college at Bronx State.
In January 1975, I graduated with my children watching. Fifteen years later, when my children all graduated from college, I entered a graduate program and became a Board Certified Psychotherapist.  I have worked for Catholic Charities, Cardinal McCluskey Home for Children in the Bronx, Fairfax County, Virginia Protective Services, The Bureau of Indian Affairs and then The Central Intelligence Agency, which allowed me to travel the world supporting employees. I have written a book and hopefully have helped children and our country with my efforts. Lehman was the stone that was dropped in my waters and has radiated out in many directions, teaching others. I have had an unbelievable career starting with Lehman College and its wonderful and supportive teachers. Thank you and God bless you teachers.
Maureen Malloy-Clifford, LPC, CSAC
Topic: Alumni
First Name: M
Last Name: Malloy-Clifford (B.A. '75)
State: Virginia

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Name: Liz
Time: Saturday, March 2, 2013

Talk about not taking no for an answer. Great story! Thanks for sharing!!

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