My Dreams Come True @ Lehman

I have just turned 30 years old, and it has taken me all this time to finally make my way to Lehman College . Wherever my life has lead me, attending Lehman as always been a dream. Growing up the Bronx, I have always wanted to be part of something beautiful, and who could ask for a more beautiful campus so close to home? Finding out that my father also attended Lehman gave me something to connect with him on. Now that I am here, Lehman is everything I knew it would be, and I'm inspired with new-found material to write about!  I have become part of a community that shares the same aspirations I do when it comes to finishing school and going for that bigger dream. I couldn't ask for better Professors, as they are all fantastic, and learning has never been so exciting! Life at Lehman is pretty awesome!

Topic: Student Life
First Name: J.
Last Name: Crespo
City: Bronx
State: NY

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