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When I entered Middle School, I often had to type school papers and keep other files associated with school work, first on a floppy disk, then on a USB drive. The trouble that I often encountered was forgetting. I would often forget my floppy disk or flash drive and the project would be delayed.

My woes are long gone.  With the introduction of online storage, I no longer forget or lose my data.  I will not promote a particular online storage but will discuss my thoughts. Online storage is great because it offers plenty of space to meet the needs of most students. For instance, Google Drive, provides 5 Gigabytes, free of charge. In addition, both Microsoft SkyDrive and Google Drive offer an online space where documents and spreadsheets can be edited. Another great feature is that most of the online storage options usually have a mobile app. Such apps make document sharing, editing and downloading, super easy and convenient. A potential setback may be that if one does not have an Internet connection, the files will be inaccessible. If this is the case, users can download their files for offline use which is always a good habit. There may be other limitations which I am not too concerned about because I use online storage services mostly for school work and other minor personal activities. Fellow students, you may be considering using online storage. Consider this, Lehman College has given you a start with your student Outlook Live@Lehman e-mail account. Simply log in to your Outlook Live e-mail and there is a link to Microsoft's SkyDrive -  your account is already created. I am sharing this because using online storage may aid students in their school work. From personal experience, I can say it has helped me.

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