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You know when you suddenly realize something profound about your life or life itself and then you realize that before that moment you were in darkness, it was like you had been in a cave? And now you’re making a different decision than you’d planned on or even imagined? That’s what Out From Plato’s Cave is about:
--what happens to you when you really learn, not just go through the motions
--how ‘stepping out of the cave’ changes you and your life as you knew it
--What you leave behind and what you’re going towards as you start walking the path towards enlightenment.

Once we become aware we have been chained we can start to free ourselves. Students find Plato’s analogy a riveting, personal metaphor they can use to make sense of their lives, their own minds. And so I wanted to make a movie about this difficult, scary-- but exhilarating process of stepping out of the cave of darkness into the light of truth. Make the invisible a little more visible.

I set to work filming the interviews in April of 2011 in MultiMedia Center facilities with Brendan McGibney as the cinematographer. David Schwittek from the art department became my indispensable collaborator and editor. In the spring of 2012 I engaged Walter Schick, a student in Michael Bacon’s Film Scoring class, to compose the music and Jennifer Liu, an art student here to paint the Cave scenes. Essential funding was provided by the Office of Undergraduate Education.

13 Lehman students were interviewed – 5 of them are in this demo, the rest to come.
Enjoy, share. We’ll keep you posted when when the full length film, individual modules, etc are produced! Meanwhile, check out this YouTube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71gKcn7AAkk.

First Name: Anna
Last Name: Purve

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