Post Formal Education

After leaving Lehman College in 1993, I assumed I would move on to a teaching career for which my Masters degree was supposed to prepare me. While that was true to some extent, things didn't quite turn out as I had hoped. Teaching at La Guardia High School for a year after graduation was a real eye opener. I found that classes were oversized and some students weren't as serious about their art/music studies as I would have hoped. Of course, I'm speaking generally and not referring to those that did want to excel and do well in school. In any case, after one year, it was time to move on.  Events that no one could have predicted turned my career from one I wished to pursue to one that was more important - post 9/11 efforts to clean up and restore Ground Zero. I served as a security agent for three months as a member of my National Guard unit based in Harlem. From there I was eventually deployed to Iraq - and that was the end of my teaching career as I knew it. After returning in 2006, I took a civil service job for a year and then decided to start a whole new career - real estate investing. That has been my focus ever since, and last year, I moved to Florida where I'm enjoying the mild weather (happy that I missed Hurricane Sandy and all that it left behind). I'm now living the life I never thought possible - growing all kinds of fruit trees, rose bushes and tropical plants that will provide fresh fruit and flowers for years to come.

First Name: D.
Last Name: George
State: Florida

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