Reciprocity at Lehman College

My job title is "College Assistant." Let us explore the semantics of this title. An assistant is someone who helps out with minor tasks, with the larger task often assigned to someone else. While the definition works if you are explaining the requirements of a college assistant to someone, it is insufficient when considering what something means to each individual. My understanding of my position is akin to that of a young child and a superhero: I feel like I am saving the world! OK, perhaps such an understanding is too dramatic. However, I do feel like I am making an impact on my campus, my community and my own life. Where is this saving of the world taking place? In the Language Lab at Carman Hall; it is where I work as a lab aide. The position offers a great understanding about students in general, about education and the importance of discipline and responsibility in life. Much of the learning is reciprocal. Often, when I help clear a student's misunderstanding, the byproduct is that I learn too. Taken as individual moments, it may not seem significant, added together is when the learning begins to appear.

Overall, the experience is great and one that I will cherish. Thank you, Lehman College.

Topic: Student Services
First Name: B.
Last Name: Islam
City: Bronx
State: New York

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