I've Enjoyed My Time Here at Lehman

I've enjoyed my time at here at Lehman College.  When transferring from Bronx Community College, Lehman was my first choice and I've not even come close to regretting it. The teachers here have been great - several of them being very capable and focused on making the material understandable to all students.  One of them even helped me get the job I have today, which I enjoy due to the exposure to new technologies that I've never seen before.  I've enjoyed the experiences I've been acquiring and my work unit is a nice group.

There isn't much more I can say that wouldn't be just "singing praises."  But if there is a complaint I have, it's that the Software Engineering course was never offered during the 2 semesters I would've been able to take it and I don't doubt that this is true for other students in regards to a few different courses.

Topic: Academics
First Name: M.
Last Name: De Jesu
State: NY

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