What I Didn't Think Was Going To Happen

If you were to tell me that I was going to like being back in school, I would have told you that you were crazy!  I was unemployed and got a grant to take some classes and decided to take the training classes at a college. Lehman College was on the list as part of a government grant training program. Mary Dowling was the first person I met and she became one of my biggest motivators. She looked at me and said that "you seem to be taking classes here and there, why don't you try to go to college full time."  My response was that would be nice but I am unemployed at the moment and I have an outstanding student loan. She sent me over to the Financial Aid office where I met some incredible people. I equate the Financial Office with being in a dentist's office, there is no good way of telling someone that we can't help you and it not be painless. Through the help of Mr. Walter Hill and God, little old me became a college student.

That was the first part of my adventure and there were other setbacks trying to make me drop out.  I lost my mother during my second year, where I took 5 classes.  I wanted to drop out of school but am glad I didn't.  I dropped one class and still managed to get a 3.2 average. I am now in my junior year - and it is one of the greatest accomplishments in my life. I am so blessed to have stumbled onto Lehman. I consider it to be the Jewel of the Bronx.  Will not lie to you, there are days when I ask myself why am I doing this, 'cause I am basically living like a college student - part time job, always studying and will be in debt.  But the pluses outweigh the minuses. I try to make use of the CUNY experience. I have been and currently am an E-permit student to other CUNY colleges.  I have thought about transferring to another CUNY school but can't leave Lehman because it is the jewel of my eye. I never thought that I would love going to school.

Topic: Student Life
First Name: Sandra
Last Name: Dudley
State: New York

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