Variety at Lehman College

Part of the reason why the Lehman College experience is so great is because of the variety available at Lehman. This does not exist just among the student body but across many areas. The campus exhibits diversity in terms of the variety of its many trees and its architecture.  Some buildings were built in the 1900's and others are more modern and built with environmental considerations, such as the new science building.

Education is at the core of Lehman's mission and the fields that a student...

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Esmeralda Santiago, and the Importance of the Arts

On March 21 Lehman welcomed acclaimed author Esmeralda Santiago to Lehman as the keynote speaker for the annual Lehman Lecture. Nearly 400 people packed the Lovinger Theatre to hear Ms. Santiago speak, and she did not disappoint. The author of the acclaimed memoirs, When I Was Puerto Rican and Almost a Woman, and the new historical novel, Conquistadora, Ms. Santiago spoke about her life as an immigrant and as a writer, and inspired the entire audience.

It was a great day for Lehman to host...

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